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TMT Futsal Tournament 2011

July 23rd, 2011

The tournament was a follow-up to the earlier Football Tournament held a couple of weeks ago. The tournament was held in the new venue; the A'One Sports Center. There are 8 teams participated in this 1-day event which includes mixed of staff from different shift, vendor and department. The teams are: KOKO OD FC, MIXS FC, C2 FC, JERUK FC, SWING, C1 FC, ORGANIZER and TUT TUT FC.

During the finals, KOKO OD FC proved to be at the top of their game when they're victorious over MIXS FC with the score of 3-0. All the teams have a tremendous fun and this tournament proved to be very rewarding to them. With the success of this edition of the tournament, the organizer is planning yet another similar tournament in September 2011 and hopefully more teams will participate and can enjoy the fun of playing futsal.

Congratulation to the champion and in this event there are no losing teams since everyone is a winner in their own right.